Care Guide

Our robes are all machine washable. In a washing machine, wash on a special course for dry clothes. Place the yukata in a laundry net and wash with a mild detergent for washing fashionable clothes. It is recommended to set the dehydration time to a short time. When drying, be sure to hang it in the shade to prevent the color from fading in direct sunlight.



Use a laundry net to prevent losing shape and wrinkling. To fold a yukata when placing it in the net, fold the body lengthwise in half with the right and left sleeves together, then place the sleeves on top of the body and fold the body part into a folding screen (sleeve fold) and place in the laundry net.


How To Hold Robes

Universal Robes bring beautiful Japanese kimonos from Kyoto, Japan to wardrobes around the world. For many years, we have been offering silk and cotton kimono robes for home and out, for men and women, and have earned the trust of our customers for the quality that Japan can offer.

Our corporate vision at Universal Robes is to make the Japanese kimono robe a universal casual robe for people around the world.

Committed to Quality

All of our kimono robes are uniquely designed and inspired by traditional Japanese kimono art, beautiful scenes from nature such as cherry blossoms, plum blossoms, beautiful flowers and birds, and our history living in Kyoto, Japan. All of our robes are manufactured and sewn in Japan.

Our sewing is a modernized sewing process that allows us to provide high quality domestic sewing with a short delivery time and reasonable prices.


Based on our sewing technology, we provide high quality tailoring with stable quality of craftsmanship based on our extensive knowledge and advanced technology. 

To prevent shrinkage of the robe, a mechanical shrink-proofing process is used. To prevent cotton, a natural fiber, from shrinking, a machine is used to force it to shrink beforehand to reduce the shrinkage rate after washing. By stabilizing the shrinkage by a physical method, this processing method can keep the shrinkage to about 1%.

Reasonable Pricing

By systemizing the sewing process and realizing smart tailoring, we are able to offer products at reasonable prices. Please feel the quality of our workshop by actually holding our products in your hands.